Green Friday Ireland – Show Your Love For Local

Green Friday Ireland

Show your love for local on November 29. Image by Catfink Creative.


Hello Catfans.

Green Friday Ireland takes place this year on November 29. You’ve probably been hearing a lot of noise already about Black Friday “Mega-Deals” and “Super Sales”. And while we all love a bargain, the mass consumerism surrounding this day can get a little overwhelming.

But what if we all made a conscious effort to support our local artists, makers, independents and small businesses on this day? Imagine picking up the perfect gift for your loved ones. Something that’s been handcrafted with great care and love. Or a unique little gem that you just won’t find in a large retail outlet. And who among us doesn’t love to receive a personal service? You know the kind that you’ll only experience when you buy from a small business.

This is what makes Green Friday Ireland so important. It’s a day where we can put our money where our heart is and support our favourite artists and makers, independents and small businesses. Every purchase, now matter how small, makes a huge difference.

So are you going to show your love for local this November 29?

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